Wednesday, July 31, 2002

OK, part two because I didn't remember to post this..

after I got back from GearWest, I hustled down to Lake Gearvis to try out my new suit. I still don't understand why they're not illegal in Triathlons. Wetsuits are so completely wonderful. Oh my gosh. I don't I've ever swam the way I swam tonight in my life. It kind of felt like a giant hand was pulling you up and out of the water. I didn't do a whole lot in it, but I adapted to the suit right away. I didn't think it was extra hard to breath in it or anything. It IS hard to get it zippered, but I have 45 some days to figure that out.


Tuesday, July 30, 2002

OK, things have been goofy the past week. Sometimes work just decides to jump up and consume you and that's what happened this past week. From last Monday to this past Monday I worked just a shade over 84 hours. It was a loooooooong week. I didn't get much of a workout in and I was getting a little frustrated. My bike was still in the shop, not entirely sure what is happening with it, and I'm just completely working my tail off trying to finish everything that I need to finish. I'm hopefully taking a half day tomorrow and taking ALL of Thursday and Friday off, so those will be workout days. I'm thinking of doing back to back long bricks on Thursday and Friday. I'm going on a retreat Friday evening and that will necessitate not doing anything on Saturday, and I won't be back until Sunday evening, so once I get back on Sunday evening I'll have to head out for a 3 hour run as quick as I can.

Anyway, on to today.

Things at work were really lacse today with everyone just kind of being relieved that the projects we were working on went of well and we had a little bit of slacker time to goof off. Once I decided it was time to take off, I decided that I should head out to Gear West, a little Triathlon shop that's on the other side of the city from where I habitate. The reason for heading 45 minutes away? Quite frankly, they're the only place that really sells wetsuits in the Twin Cities area that I've found. The bike shop near my house only sells one brand. I wanted more options.

I head out there and right away there's someone helping me pick out a suit. Rawk on. He (Jono (thanks man!)) was pretty cool and had me into a specced out into a Quintana Roo Hydro John Surprisingly, we found one that fit right away. I happened to have gotten my bike back from the shop this morning and had it in my car, so I got myself fitted on it too and ended up buying a new seatpost and seat (the other two things on my list) When I'm in my aerobars, I'm stretched just a little long and the new seat post helps that a LOT. Though after I've ridden it a little while, I'll know for sure.

Anyway, the GearWest guy is doing IronMOO too and had just recently ridden the course. I really need to head out there and do that in a couple weeks. Maybe make a day of it and head out early in the morning. He kind of made it sound like IronMOO was going to be a really difficult bike ride. We'll see. He says it's more than just a little hilly. EEK.

I'm heading to bed. I'll see if I can get a photo of me in my wetsuit in the next day or so... and I still need to do that bibliography thing. I think it'll be kind of interesting.