Saturday, December 31, 2005

The first three films of the day...

Numb-Butt-A-Thon is getting ready to start... with or without people
and I've decided upon the first three films.

We'll start the programming off with the 1981 movie CAVEMAN. Last year
we showed One Million Years BC, so we thought we should find another
prehistoric movie. I'm not arguing that it's a good film, just
tradition. :-)

We'll then segue into Preston Sturges' Sullivan's Travels... a film
I've never seen, but will in a couple of hours. I'll give you my
thoughts then. :-)

The third film on the docket is the 1964 version of Ernest Hemingway's
The Killer's. It's got Ronald Reagen as the bad guy, what could be

Anyway, I have to run and finish up a couple of things before people
possibly get here. :-)


Friday, December 30, 2005

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Such is life, but I'd rather do other
things with vacation time. Oh well. Spent the morning getting a shelf
up for the video projector from the office. It looks so good that I'm
really jonesing for my own video projector now. I'll take pictures
after I make some adjustments. It's nothing major, but it's kind of
fun having an 7' screen in your living room.

I think it's going to be a pretty cool lineup for the New Year's party
tomorrow, but we'll see if anyone comes. One of the things that's
depressing about being here is that we don't really have our own
social network yet. We have social networks that we're tenuously
linked to, but we don't have a cohesive group of more than a couple
friends. Oh well, I'll get to eat Puerco Pibil tomorrow and that's
really all I care about. DANG that's good.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Evil has a new (removable) face...

One of the industry blogs I read had a link to this this afternoon. Kind of funny.

Just watch.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

a couple of photos before bed...

I'm headed to bed in a second, but I figured I'd post a couple of photos from the weekend. Ang is still in full-on 'nephew adoration mode'. I'm just enjoying being able to buy the child obnoxious toys that light and up and play music.

Ang and Nephew. Like I said, she's in full on 'nephew adoration mode'

My cousin's daughter at the Christmas event on my Mom's side of the family. I just kind of liked how mischievous her eyes look.

Nephew with obnoxious toy #1. heh. :-)

I haven't posted any obligatory meeting shots lately and this isn't one of them, but I'm not all that good at smiling for the camera sometimes. It's hard to believe, but I'm actually pretty happy in this shot. OK, so I was giving Ang that look mostly BECAUSE she was taking a picture of me... but...

ok. off to bed.

putting the flabby in flabbyironman...

The local Y is having a little incentive program right now tied into football season. Every time you come in, you mark off 5 yards on a little football field sheet and indicate what you did that day. It's been going since the beginning of last month, but it was a little surprising to realize that my last entry was Nov 30. I can't believe it's been that long. Oh well, that will change... the holidays are done for the most part, so I'll be back to my regular 4-5 days a week at the Y until cycling season starts... even then I'll be pretty gym focused until later in the spring.

Ang and I picked up the Sin City Special Edition DVD set tonight so that we could show it at our New Years Party on Saturday. I'm not a giant fan of the movie, but Robert Rodriguez is a great teacher. If you want to learn film-making, the DVDs he puts out are a great place to start. Every DVD he does something called the "Ten Minute Film School". On the Once Upon a Time in Mexico DVD he started the "Ten Minute Cooking School" with a pretty wicked recipe for Puerco Pibil. We made that last year on New Years and I think I might make it again. It's pretty wicked wrapped up in a tortilla shell with some grilled peppers.

Anyway, I think we were more excited about picking up the Sin City Box for the 2nd 10 Minute Cooking School installment. This time it was a recipe for homemade tortillas and breakfast tacos. I think I might need to make them sometime soon.

We also picked up Godzilla: Final Wars. We showed a Godzilla flick last year, and I thought it would be cool to show the FINAL Godzilla flick this year.

Tomorrow, I'm going to get busy on a couple of little projects I need to do to get the apartment ready for Saturday. I'm going to maybe build a new entertainment center for the TV, hang a shelf for a projector from work and string a sheet up for a temporary screen. Hopefully that will make the living room a little more viewing friendly. I'll take some pictures when I'm

My sister and brother in law took off for India this morning. They're spending a couple of weeks helping out at an "American Restaurant". Here's
a little story
about the place they're going to be working.

More in the morning.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ah, home. It's such a long drive from Minnesota to Colorado but
thankfully it's doable in a day. We stumbled into the apartment around
11:00 yesterday night, a good 14 hours after we started.

I had a WalMart gift card to use, so I wandered over this afternoon to
see what was on sale. I was psyched to find The Lone Gunmen and
Firefly boxsets on sale for $19.95 apiece. I'm still vaguely
interested in the King Kong Production Diaries set, if only because of
it's cool packaging, but we'll see. I also kind of interested in
picking up that Sin City box set. Again, too many things, limited
resources. blah.

Preparations continue for the 2nd annual 'Numb-Butt-A-Thon' on
Saturday. I don't completely know what I'm showing yet, but it'll be a
world-wide affair. Lots of subtitles. At this point, I think there
might be 5 or 6 subtitled films of the 12 we try to work our way

I'll work up some blow by blows as we go through the day and into the
night... and if you're so inclined, you're more than welcome to come
join us at the apartment. The more the merrier, it's just that you'll
have to come to Colorado Springs.

Off to go finish some things before Ang gets home. In an unusual
twist, she worked today and I didn't. Usually it's the other way
around. It's nice having a few extra days off.