Friday, June 04, 2004

A pedaling we will go...

Ang and I had the chance to go see the new Harry Potter flick Wednesday night which meant leaving from my office. The Elantra gets better mileage than the Santa Fe, so it got the honors of driving through the inter-city Colorado rush hour. Getting home late, meant that the Santa Fe got left at the office, demanding a fresh return to the bike. So, I'm now back to riding. It always seems that the second day is easier than the first. Although yesterday, I had the benefit of a tailwind. Today, of course, I got the headwind. Anyway, I'm buried under a pile of things to do at work, so I need to be brief.

The new Harry Potter flick? Pretty good stuff. I haven't seen the first two Harry Potter movies, but I like what Alfonso Cuaron did with what I had seen. Everything seems a bit more grown up. Now if only the audience had grown up as much as the movie. I'm a big fan of quiet theaters, too much noise of any kind, candy wrappers, laughing, nonstop talking? They're all at the top of my theatre pet peeves, and everyone one of them was on full display Wed. night. The worst part of the evening was when the two college girls behind us who had been talking the ENTIRE movie, SCREAMED at one of the names in the credits, making me recoil in pain. Thankfully they apologized, but I wanted to inflict righteous vengeance on them, whatever that might have been. Coming up next? Free Napoleon Dynamite screenings!