Friday, November 11, 2005

OK I'm really annoyed...

Commodore was bugging me to get back to posting in an e-mail so this afternoon I spent about an hour writing a couple of posts. I sent them (from my blogger widget, which is what I normally use) and for whatever reason they've passed into the great beyond. Maybe they'll come back, but if not they're just gone. I'll check later and if it didn't post, I'll come and rewrite it. In any case, sorry for the lack of posts. There hasn't even been an especially good reason, just busy. Like a workout, once you miss a couple days, it's easier to miss the next couple until you've gone a month without posting.

Ang and I are getting ready to sit down to a couple of movies. Exciting stuff (ok, maybe not, but it's comfortable and I've already worked out today so I don't care if I'm sitting on the couch)