Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I have to apologize for being completely miserable about posting on a regular schedule. Life has it's ebbs and flows and lately life has been fairly busy. Last time I checked, I'm down to 238lbs, so I only have another 40 pounds to take off and I'll be where I want to be. Though in all reality, I'd be just fine with redistributing that 40 lbs instead....

In the window I'm typing this in, I can see what I dubbed "The Blue Marshmallow" picture from Ironman Wisconsin. I was really bummed when I saw that shot... because in my minds eye I'm smaller than that. Oh well, someday, someday. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen.

cycling season has begun again. With this spat of really nice weather, I've been able to get out a couple of times. Took the Fuji into the shop a little over a week ago. It's done, and I want to pick it up, but mid week last week my wallet, checkbook and cellphone got ripped off. The theft meant that I haven't had access to any of my money for the past week. It's been interesting living without buying... and I think that I've come to the conclusion that I'm not very good at it. Not having access to the checkcard that I use everyday has been a really big pain.. and because of a lack of access, my bike remains stuck at the bikeshop awaiting liberation.

anyway, that's the current news. I'll write more tonight hopefully, when I have more time to think about what to say.