Saturday, October 08, 2005

dum dum duh dummmmm

two shots from the wedding.... a petrified Matt and the obligatory group shot.

more later.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


so far afairly uneventful trip. we just got stuck in Burleson, TX when ang left the keys in the car whileshe pumped gas.ofcourse, hilarity ensued. or not.

Monday, October 03, 2005

The Hunt

In it's element, the Generalicus Managerius hunts for a shot. Unafraid of his surroundings, his outfit of black lets him stand out in the barren highlands.

The I've Been Working Too Much Shot of the Day

Sorry for the lapse in blogging. Work beckons. Yesterday was my first day off in over two weeks. Brian is one stressed out boy. Brian could really use some regular sleep and weight lifted off his shoulders. Brian is tired and burned out. Here you can see Brian getting the only exercise Brian's gotten lately, hauling equipment around. Note that that's the easiest way to carry the tripod but that it hurts quite a bit because the twist lock for the ball-head joint ends up digging into your shoulder. Brian wasn't happy dragging that tripod around.

What you can't see, is the look on Brian's face. If that look could speak it would say "I hate being up early on Saturday morning, just to drive around with the general manager chain smoking cheap nasty cigars and cigarettes in a minivan with lousy ventilation. Furthermore, I hate that these smoke breaks eat in to the time that Brian could be spending on other projects that he needs to finish as well and that he'd rather be doing other things than giving up his weekend for work. (Noting of course that said GM makes almost double what the underpaid creative director does (and Brian arrives at the underpaid part by consulting the most recent AIGA/Aquent industry salary survey... specifically, the Rocky Mountain areas numbers))

What also goes without saying is that Brian misses his bike. Brian hasn't ridden because Brian has worked really weird hours. Brian knows that not getting the exercise he SHOULD get is only adding to his angst.

Brian is very tired.

Brian wants to do Ironman Florida next year.

Brian also knows that the film society project he's working on... developing a summerlong "Friday-night Movie in the Park" program is going to take a lot of time, if only for the fundraising portion.

Brian needs to evaluate his priorities.

Have I mentioned that Brian's tired?

Maybe after Brian spends 34 hours in a car driving to Austin, TX and back for a wedding, Brian will be able to get some car-coma sleep. Maybe Brian will get a chance to work on the Film Society business/project plan he needs to finish.

Maybe, just maybe, Brian will learn to not bite off more than he can chew.

"nah," Brian thinks to himself, "that will probably never happen."