Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Echo Chronicles pt 2

discussing Fahrenheit 9/11, there are yet still more examples about people showing their bias.

576:778) Erin a.k.a. EB 27-JUN-04 18:47
Touching article in today's Times about a couple from Kokomo, Ind., who
drove 50 miles to the nearest "art house" to see F9/11 with like-thinking
people in a red state.

Is she feeling sorry for the fact that these "Blues" have to live in a "Red" state? I don't understand. Ugh. I just don't understand why I'm not human because I'm conservative. Why is anything I do a "Stupid" thing? Can I not be intelligent and conservative? It makes me mad.

and another note from "Kev Dawg"
576:770) Kev Dawg 27-JUN-04 11:44

It will make them upset, it might make them angry. It might make them feel
the president made some bad mistakes.

As far as propaganda goes, I'm not sure what that means anymore, or if it's
being used the same way as it was in WW II for example. Is opinion
propaganda now?

Isn't Moore's propaganda the exact same kind of propaganda that the
Government uses in ALL the official information they release? Just from the
other side. The same official information the media NEEDS to function, and
has to cowtow the White House to get continue to have access to? And when
they don't cowtow or ask a few hard questions, they're cut off?

Isn't the official White House press breifings propaganda? But propaganda we
pay for out of our taxes?

When the White House inserts campaign slogans directly from the RNC on the
cover of official Government budget reports, and that's NOT called
propaganda by the media... but a filmmaker showing live footage, real
footage, real events, just film that has been censured by the Government, is
accused of using propaganda by the media... I don't know what's up.

Why is the media attacking Moore? Why are they against opinions?

- - - - -

Moore does bring out the moonbats, I guess.