Friday, December 31, 2004

Fast and loose...

I'm still changing up the lineup. After Trekkies 2, Godzilla 2000 has just entered the realm of screenable movies. What a great horrid movie. I can't wait to see the final Godzilla movie that's coming out.

What next?

Microcosmos followed GITS INNOCENCE. GITS INNOCENCE? Not that great. I liked it better than the first though, so that's something. Microcosmos was amazing. Someday I need to find out just how they did the cinematography.

We started showing NAQOYQATSI, but it didn't play very well, so we took a detour... showing the trailers for All This and World War II, Blacula, Sister Street Fighter, The Wonderful Land of Oz, The Street Fighter's Last Revenge, Abba The Move and above all else STUNT ROCK .

After that we watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High . For whatever reason, I think it holds up so much better than say, American Pie, but then again it was written by Cameron Crowe.

After a pizza brake, we've just sat down to watch Trekkies 2.

the third movie has just begun...

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. Before this we watched The Yes Men which is a documentary from the same people that created American Movie, one of my favorite movies of the past few years. I don't know that I liked The Yes Men as much as American Movie but it was pretty decent.

I don't know what to expect with GITS:Innocence. I wasn't a big fan of the first when I saw it 10 years ago or so, but with a different mindset and age, maybe that will translate into a better impression of the sequel. Still only 4 people here, but we're munching on Puerco Pibil and Chicken soft tacos that are just MMMMMMMMagnifico. Oh they taste so good. Two of my favorite passions, movies and food all rolled into one.

More later.

liveblogging from Angela and Brian's "Numb-Butt-A-Thon"

So far, only three people are here... Ang, Gina and myself and we've
started watching the first movie of the day ONE MILLION YEARS
. So far, people sure were hirsute back a million years ago...
and apparently the beach clan has plenty of money for big hairdos.
Here comes the attack of the giant sea turtle! Because, y'know...
Turtles are scary when they're THAT BIG! Anyway, back to watching the
flick. -B