Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Tropic Thunder trailer

OK, so I've been mildy curious about this movie since reading articles about over the summer. Then, I got more interested when photos of Robert Downey Jr in the new film came out,

now we have a trailer... and if Night at the Museum (which I didn't TOTALLY hate) was worthwhile at all, it got Steve Coogan in another Ben Stiller movie, so there's your other bright shining moment for the day.

Addendum: Comm made a comment and I was concerned he might think that I'm a big Ben Stiller fan. I'm really not. There are a couple of Ben Stiller movies I love, but the only Ben Stiller directed film I'm a fan of is Zoolander. The Cable Guy is beyond painful. Reality Bites, I just never really got into. 

With Tropic Thunder, I'm mostly excited because it looks like a really expensive comedy... something like Ghostbusters... something we haven't seen produced in a long time. Plus, like I said, Robert Downey Jr and Steve Coogan. The fact that it stars Ben Stiller is almost besides the point. 

Hypothesis of the day...

I'm just sitting down in my office after taping the last Tuesday morning men's course I have to do (no more 4:30am days for a while!).

Finished reading a book yesterday called My First Movie: Take Two: Ten Celebrated Directors Talk About Their First Film. I had started reading the first volume a few months ago and have slowly been doling each chapter out one part at a time, but since Take Two was a library checkout, I dove in to it all at once.. reading it mostly in downtime at work.

There were interesting things in all of the interviews, but one of the things I found most interesting had to do with management style and the nature of the role of the director as a type of manager or executive.

In my downtime this morning before the class started, I began reading a book called The Three Signs of a Miserable Job: A Fable for Managers (and their employees) by Patrick Lencioni. I'm only about a 1/3 of the way through, but it got me wondering whether or not film directing could be condensed into some sort of a management class and whether or not CEOs and Film Directors have anything to learn from one another.

I'm going to keep exploring the concept and hopefulyl I'll finally get around to making a little short film soon to be able to put some of the theory into practice, but I'm curious.

If I ever do get around to finishing my bachelors, there's part of me interested in getting both my MBA and my MFA, so maybe it's just something that appeals to me because it would be a way to reconcile both sides of my mind. We'll see I guess.

More later.