Friday, September 09, 2005


I think Wil's burnout is contagious. After working a 12 hour day yesterday I got home and was just not looking forward to riding to work this morning at all.

The commute to work isn't that hard, but this time of year the wind blows from the north in the morning and the south in the evening so there's always a headwind and my body hasn't been recovering from these rides which aren't even all that epic. I guess I'm just in the doldrums for some reason.

I still need to update the movie blogging from the weekend. Hopefully I can get to that tonight.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A few photos before I need to race to work in a minute or two. The Rolling Roadshow was tres' cool. Ang and I'll both have more to say about it I'm sure. In the meantime, photos...

Your obligatory monday morning donkey photo. Heh.

The Alamo Drafthouse's Rolling Roadshow has an immense inflatable screen that they use for screenings. Someday, hopefully the film society will have the same thing.

The mainstreet at Buckskin Joe's. Building's were closed, but it was kind of cool basically having the whole facility to ourselves. With it being a holiday monday, people were reticent to drive an hour out of the way (two hours from Denver) to come out to a outdoor movie. They missed out though. We got to spend a little time with Tim and Kerry League the couple that owns the Austin Drafthouse locations and Harry from I wish I could join the tour and head to Amarillo to see Hud but there's too much to do here. Next year though...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

cinematic bacchanalia...

It's still a few months before Butt-Numb-A-Thon and the similarly named but not quite as cool 2nd annual Numb-Butt-A-Thon (that would be the much smaller Behm thrown 24 hour movie day here in Colorado Springs) but today will be a small precursor as my friend Russell and Angela and I prepare for the one stop of the Rolling Roadshow coming anywhere near here tomorrow... in beautiful Canon City. Cat Ballou. I haven't been down to Canon since the Red Rock Canyon century a couple months ago and I don't know that Angela has EVER been to Canon, but we'll head down tomorrow and say hello to all of the prisoners.

Canon City is the prison capital of Colorado. I think there are 8 prisons in town? (I could be wrong about that) The biggest prison of them all is the federal SuperMax facility. The Arkham Asylum if you will of prison facilities. Teddy K lives there, major terrorists live there. It's not a pretty place.

Here are a few pics I don't think I put up after Red Rock Canyon this year...

Just down the road from the SuperMax facility we ran into the Sumo Golf Village. I'm not entirely sure why it's Sumo Golf Village, but visions of overtly large japanese men teeing up on a par 5 made me chuckle.

This was the second year of the century. I guess last year, the course was the reverse of this year... which means that last year, they had the opportunity to CLIMB UP this 9% grade sign instead of descending like we got to do. OUCH.

We ran into this just a little past where that 9% grade was and stopped to take a picture. I was surprised the first time I visited Canon City how different it was from the Springs. It's only 45 minutes away but it feels quite a bit like driving into the old west.

This photo should actually be first in the order, but I spent the most time tweaking this image so it goes last. This was the first rest stop on the century. The first ten miles were basically straight up to this point so we were more than ready to take a break when we saw the tent. You can get an idea of what the terrain is like from the background.

Anyway, so Cat Ballou tomorrow and who knows what we'll watch tonight, but there will be beer (though probably mostly of the 'root' variety) and pizza and movies. Movie blogging will take place but I think the selection is going to be a seat of the pants type thing. will it be four flicks? five? inquiring minds want to know, but not even the programmer knows.