Thursday, July 07, 2005

settling back into normalcy

It used to be that it was an exponentially depressing thing to leave the Cornerstone grounds. The last night of the fest would consist of walking around and trying to chew the last bits of meat off of the bone. Waiting for the sun to rise, but somehow hoping that it wouldn't and we could just go on living in between days.

Now, inevitably, I'm just happy to be in air conditioning and in line of site of a thick mattress. This isn't a bad change... it just means that I probably have a healthier connection to the festival. It saved me in high school by being a place I could be popular for a week, to have friends around. Now it's still a chance to see and work with friends I don't oft get to see, but it's not the crutch that it once was.

I've more to write, but I wanted to post this because it's been sitting on my computer since this morning and I need to get out of the office for the day. More in a couple hours.