Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Film Society

just finished up the new email for the film society. I don't know that
I'm completely happy with it, but I think it might work a LITTLE
better than the old version. We'll see though. In the meantime, I have
to be at a meeting at 6am so it's off to bed for me so that I can get
a QUALITY 4 hours. MMMMM

Monday, September 20, 2004

Things that drive me batty...

two things have to be added to the list of things that just completely
drive me batty today.

#1... people who hear something I say completely differently than the
way I say it, agree and then upon clarification from me, agree again
and say that that's what they were agreeing with as they state what
they thought they heard the first time again.

#2... programming directors who don't air the correct program that you
took the time to drop ship to them with Saturday delivery with
explicit writing on the envelop that say it's for air on Monday. Why
go through the hassle and the expense of getting something to them if
they're not going to run it. Blah.

I rode a little over 40 miles this weekend and it felt pretty good.
Saturday I went out riding with my friends Russel and Cody. I usually
don't ride with Cody because he's one of those scrawny guys that
climbs hills like a Mountain Goat. Anyway, Cody decided he's going to
invite his friend Danny to ride with us. Danny's
a nice guy, but Danny's also one of the best riders in the state.


I've dubbed the ride "Punish the fat man" for the fat man (me) was
severely punished as we did a few thousand feet worth of climbing. The
flats? I'm fine. The hills? sucking wind. Of course, I didn't realize
first that I was climbing one of the main climbs in my big ring up
front... but it was still a lesson in humbleness.

Sunday I was excited about going riding with the cycling club, but for
some reason I completely spaced out what time the ride was and arrived
an hour early to (unsurprisingly given it was an hour early) not find
anyone there. So, thinking the ride had been cancelled, I rode off on
my own and climbed through Garden of the Gods for the second time in
two days. This time, knowing what the climb was like, I was able to
pace myself a bit more and not stop nearly as much. Of course, I
wasn't chasing after some pro cyclist either.

But anyway, back to editing, which lately seems to be what my
existence at work is. I do love my job though.