Saturday, June 26, 2004

The Echo Chronicles...

I'm on this bulleting board called Echo. Once, long, long ago I picked up a book the creator of the bulletin board wrote called Cyberville and I was hooked. The only thing that I still struggle with is the fact that I'm very much alone on the site in my political beliefs. The movie conference, discussing Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 has become much like it usually is, full of vituperative and blustering comments. I try and post when and where I can, always making sure to be polite... but how do you respond to this?

576:764) Kev Dawg 26-JUN-04 21:24

It's become some kind of weird twist of logic but no matter how horrible
Bush may be, he get's a 50% off pass with the argument that we need to be
fair and balanced.

This ends up meaning that half the time we hear the truth about him and half
the time we have to hear his lies.

This is not being fair and balanced. This is being truthful half the time
and spreading lies the other half.

Can there be no ideological differences? Just RIGHT and WRONG? There are things I disagree with Bush about (mostly that he's not as fiscally conservative as I'd like him to be) but to just state that anything that comes out of his mouth is a lie? I don't get it. Can someone help me?

Monday, June 21, 2004

Posts from the notebooks part 2

I remember writing this next post on my way back to Minnesota last
June. Angela and I had a couples shower before we left the next
morning for Cornerstone. I was stuck on an airplane.

Stuck in Row 6, Seat C he poured himself into the Bruce Cockburn song
he was listening to about the end of the world. Next to him, a thin
scandinavian woman from Minneapolis sat pensively reading on of the
three hundred sixty two Left Behind novels. If this were the last
night of the world, what would I do? What would I do that was
different? The words resonated and he realized that he'd be doing
exactly what he's doing now, flying across the country to see his
fiance, making a connection whole again that's been broken by

He looked to his left and saw a marker scrawled bookmark of Jesus next
to the woman's book. Is believing in the end of things during your
lifetime a narcissistic belief? "I'm so important that I'm not going
to die a man alone in the relentless march of time! No, I'm going to
go out with a bang with everyone else so that when we're done, the
party's over."

No, he didn't think that way, and didn't care much for Left Behind,
though he remembered a time in his life when he was. "Life", he
though,"is too short to worry about the end of it.

Posts from the notebooks part 1

NP: Circle Slide by the Choir off of one of my favorite albums EVER
The Choir's Circle Slide
I remember picking up Circle Slide at a Northwestern
Bookstore near my house in Maplewood, MN. They didn't have the
greatest music selection, but it was nearby and thus the easiest place
to convince my parents to take me. I think they even bought the disc
for me. I had probably just purchased my first CD player a few months
prior since I remember lining up my CDs and thinking I was really cool
for having something around 40 discs. Now, Angela and I have over

Anyway, this is a little piece that I found in one of my notebooks. It
doesn't have any sort of ending, but I thought it was a nice

Back packed, key in hand, and heart stilled. Trepidation was bleeding
itself away as the time to the start of the mission clicked down
moment by moment. The days previously had almost seemed to stretch.
Moving along almost languidly, and even yesterday was fairly
leisurely, but today was different. Today it seemed as ifthe clock had
gone haywire and was just freely spinning.

anyway, that's all that I wrote. I'm not sure why, and I'm not even
entirely sure when I wrote it. But it's there FWIW.

DVD Pet Peeves...

Over lunch I picked up 21 Grams and Millenium Actress at
Blockbuster... Ang and I have generally stopped buying there because
it's cheaper at Hollywood, but they had a copy of Hedwig and the Angry
Itch there a couple weeks ago that I didn't buy and I wanted to see if
they still had it (being Colorado Springs and not thinking that
there's much of a community into musicals about botched operation
transsexuals) Anyway, they didn't... but they did have 21 Grams which
I hadn't seen anywhere else (it's the type of movie that only ever
gets a couple of copies at the store so when they go into the used
section they don't last long, as opposed to say Terminator 3 and X2)
Why do studios realease SUPER barebones movies? the 21 Grams disc
doesn't even have a trailor on it. ERGH. I don't need a lot of
features, but having the trailer isn't that difficult and is kind of
handy. I suppose they're coming out with a special edition at some
point, but I don't know that it's a movie I like enough to buy twice.