Thursday, September 30, 2004

A Picture Share!

A Picture Share!

Pikes Peak off in the distance. Its nice seeing it white again. Sorry for the weird angle... I was driving. More later.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Picture Share!

A Picture Share!

Just A Test. this Was at Freebirds in Austin. i've always Thought Lady Liberty Could Be A Biker-chick

DVDs, DVDs and more DVDs

Not sure why i can't post via email right now, so back into the blogger interface to paste this into the editor... next... pblogging!

think Angela and I need to enter some sort of Home Theatre 12 Step
group... we can't seem to stop finding things that we want to add to
the collection. Between Star Wars, THX1138 and the overflowing
no-cover bins of DVDs at the Movie Trading Company, we've added more
discs lately than we really have the time to watch right now. We were
in San Antonio last week for a wedding and stopped to see friends in
Austin while on the way. Move Trading Company was having their grand
opening, so we stopped by to see what they had. Here's what we ended
up walking out with...

Whale Rider
Bend It Like Beckham
Leon:The Professional
The Rookie
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Bruce Almighty
and two others that I can't think of the name of right off the top of
my head...

then, yesterday night we picked up
Master and Commander
Cabin Fever
an independant William H Macy movie that Angela wanted to see
and once again, I can't think of the fourth movie.

but Best Buy also had a bunch of 2 for 15 DVDs which let me pick up
Undercover Brother and Chinatown (which we plan on showing at Film
Society at some point, so it made sense to pay as little as possible
for it).

Anyway, so the bottom line is that we're movie geeks through and
through. Once it's cold enough, I'll be watching movies while riding
the bike trainer. It's a good life.

blah. back to editing. I'll have some more to write later, but that's
it for now.

I still have thoughts on the last couple of Oddcouplings we've done,
and I want to start formulating some thoughts on City of God, which if
you're in Colorado Springs this Friday, you should really come see.
CSFS meets at 7:00 at Vanguard Church on North Academy behind Gunther
Toodys and it's FREE! So come out and geek out over movies with us.