Saturday, December 17, 2005

I've been reading through some members of the Triathlete Alliance and
while I don't want to be a grinch, I still don't completely understand
why people make out "Ironman" to be something so grand and awe
inspiring. It's a race... a very long day. It feels really good to
finish, and it was for me, I think, a life changing event. At the same
time though, the way some people write about their upcoming Ironman
races I have to think... "GET OVER YOURSELF!"

Blogging has always been a bit of written self-gratification.
Sometimes I just wish there was a bit of a filter. Run your race, be
happy that you are physically capable of running the race, but don't
let me know that you live in a 'magical happy wonderland filled with
transcendental experiences all at the lacing of a shoe-lace'. Again, I

Run your race. Train. But realize that just because you're doing this
doesn't make you better than anyone else. You're still flesh and
blood. You're still going to die. At some point, you're still going to
be decrepit. Everything is little more than temporary and even your
Ironman race will only be a blip on your life. GET OVER YOURSELF and
go do your race. Don't pretend all of this is something that hasn't
been seen before because it's been done thousands of time before and
just for the record, you're nothing special.

I promise I'll be happier and less grouchy later.


nancytoby said...

I'm 100% with you on this one! It's a triathlon. A long one, to be sure, but it's still just another triathlon. It's not like you get a cardinal's hat, or get knighted at the finish line, or become president, or get a check for a zillion dollars. You get a medal and you go home and the next day is recovery day, just like any other race.

I'll add to the chorus: GET OVER YOURSELF!! :-)

Comm's said...


Oh wait was that not directed at me? Oh well even it was or was not, probably not with my lack of training posts lately, I understand were your coming from.

IM is dream that is slowly becoming a reality to most of us. At least with me, any dream bigger than me comes from God and I can only finish it with his supernatural power.

I look forward to my race and along the way I hope my enthusiasm for the sport and the distance based on my position in it, middle of the pack or back, will inspire others to take up the torch and progress the sport.

It my blog were about only weapons, fishing,outdooring or politics or work (good Lord especially work) it would would be with just as much passion and consistancy and dreaming.

But lets make one thing clear, I ain't always happy about it.